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Free Soup!
Purchase any of our 
     Fresh Panini         (Italian = Grilled Sandwiches)
Add any of our own Beverages
Receive a
12oz. Soup of the Day 


(Italian = Grilled Sandwich, Singular, one only)
(Italian = 
(Grilled Sandwiches, Plural, more than one)
(Italian = No Meaning, not Listed,)
    Spring Time 
 =      Tea Time

The our New 
Chai Tea Latte's

Chai Caramel
Chai Massai 
(Caffeine & Sugar Free)

Chai Marsala (Traditional)

Celebrating all the 
Fabulous Flavours from our 
Enormous Tea Collection

So come on and Have 
Your Favourite 
Tea Latte Today!

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To write home about!

Real Chocolate
Real Fresh Espresso
Real Fruit
Real Ice Crème / Yogurt

Blend & Whipped up 
By Real People 
Just for you!

$3.25 / 12oz.

Now That is
Beat the Summer Heat!
Moica Modern Series
Ice Drip Coffee Brewers
Also Known As
Dutch Coffee Makers
Best Pricing & Models are in Store Today! 

Drop by today for a demonstration.
   Ice Drip Coffee
    Dutch Coffee

The Ultimate Cold Coffee Extraction!

Results in a very Intense Flavour Ice Coffee Extraction, with No Bitter flavour, less acid & less Caffeine.                                         

Most people enjoy this Ice Coffee Straight over Ice with no cream or Sugar

     Ice Drip Method 
Ice water is dripped through the coffee grounds, one drop a second, "once only"!, This very slow process (8 to 12 hours!) Brings out all the special flavours of our specially selected single origin coffee, while leaving the bitter, acid and most of the caffeine behind.

Other inferior methods 
Brewing the Coffee hot; 
then try to cool it  
So Wrong!

Toddy Coffee or Cold Coffee
The coffee grounds are soaked in water in the fridge overnight then the grounds strained out
Cold Coffee.
Uses More Coffee
Has More Caffeine, More Bitter, More Acid,
Much Less Flavour!
Ice Cold Drip Brewed Daily, Served Over Ice While Quantities Last !