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                  La Bella 
Italian; English Translation:
The Beautiful

Coffee & Tea @ Cultured Coffee & Tea

We are committed to obtaining the absolute best Quality while Preserving the Environment & Treating Workers Fairly! 
We believe the Cup of Excellence program of the SCA is one of the Best ways to accomplish these objectives!
Certified Organic & Fair Trade are not always available for some of the best Coffees' & Teas' of the World!

Through our Custom Coffee Roaster we are working Directly with Coffee Farmers who are True Artisans of Coffee Cultivation. 
They Practice their Craft with Dedication, Skill and Passion, in an environmentally sustainable way while Treating & Paying Their Workers Fairly.
Through our Direct trade Relationships with our Tea Estates, Customers of Cultured Coffee & Tea in turn support these Skilled Artisan Farmers & Workers.

For more information; 
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 Call 1-604-800-3856 
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Passionate about Our Coffee,Take it with You! 
Where ever you are, What ever you do, all you need is an AeroPress & hot water too! 
To Enjoy the Worlds Culture, Cup by Cup while you travel.
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A Sweet Espresso; 
Mildly Roasted (No sense Burning a Beautiful Bean) 
Flavours of Sparkling Tangerine & Sweet juicy Cherries, mellowed with rich ground milk chocolate and cocoa notes. 
The texture is syrupy and dense, lending itself well to combining with milk, creating a malty milk chocolate flavour. 
This is an Espresso that is worth travelling for!
• Cupping Profile: 
Acidity; 8
Body; 9.00, Lush Milk Chocolate
Flavor; 9.00, Juicy Cherry 
Aftertaste; 9.00, Cinnamon Sugar, Cocoa
Sweetness; 9.00, Sweet Tangerine

        Offered @ $24.95 
For a Full Pound 454g.

A wonderful Chocolaty Espresso; 
Medium to Darker Roast; 

Rich Red Fruit & Dark Chocolate & Brandy fills your mouth. The Red Fruit rounds & simplifies but the Chocolate remains. 
This Espresso performs well in milk.
But stands proudly Alone!

•Cupping Profile: 
Acidity; 8 Body; 9, Round
Flavour; 8.50, Rich Red Fruit, Chocolate Aftertaste; 9, Sweet, Rich
Sweetness 9, Cherry, Plum

(Put some swagger in your Cup!)

Offered @ $24.95 
For a Full Pound 454g.

English Slang; Translation:

Guatemala Rainforest Alliance
​(Single Origin Offering)

A beautifully balanced coffee. 
Features a well rounded flavour touching all the taste buds on the tongue.  A Medium bodied Coffee with a buttery mouthfeel. 
A clean aftertaste reminiscent of 
Sweet milk chocolate & toffee with a touch of vanilla. 
Very easy on the tongue!

Offered @ $25.25 

For A full Pound 454g.

Kenya Classic 
​(Single Origin Offering)

This extraordinary coffee comes from the Nyeri Region in Kenya. 
A fragrant coffee with complex sweetness and fruit notes. 
A mild, winey aroma, combined with a syrupy body, ending in a beautiful floral finish. 

​  Don't miss this cup!

Offered @ 25.25 For A
  Full Pound 454g.
           Created as a 
  Decaffeinated Espresso;

Notes of rich drinking chocolate with hints of cinnamon in the finish. Brewed as a drip Coffee this blend has flavours of caramelized cherry rounding into deep cocoa notes in the finish. 
Making a very for rich satisfying Coffee experience without the jolt.

The Swiss Water Process method ensures that no chemicals are used in the decaffeination process. 

“Life is good”! 
without Caffeine!

Offered @ $25.25
For a Full Pound 454g.
An intense, Ebony Coffee; 
with smoky overtones and low acidity. This Coffee produces an intense heavy, dark roasted cup of coffee that is fantastic with a sweet dessert. Balancing the sugars with faint hints of bitter sweet chocolate, A good heavy body in the cup.
Boldly Designed for those discriminating Taste Buds!

•Cupping Profile: 
Acidity; 6, 
Body; 9.00, Heavy, Bitter Sweet
Flavor; 8.00, Bitter Sweet Chocolate, Roasted Nuts 
Aftertaste; 8.00, lasting
Sweetness; 6.5 Low

Offered @ 24.75
For a Full pound 454g.

A Seriously Polished Mixed Roast Medium Blend Coffee;
With a Bold Heart, Rich in Character and spicy notes; (resembling sweet pipe tobacco and dark chocolate). 
Whether you are getting ready for a bustling day at the office or settling in for an adventure in the wild wilderness of the - 
True North Strong & Free. 
Ekselan will take you there and beyond!

•Cupping Profile: 
Acidity; 6.5 
Body; 7.00, Syrup & Spice
Flavor; 8.00, Dark Chocolate Aftertaste; 8.00, Lasting
Sweetness; 7.50, Syrupy

Offered @ $24.55 
For a Full Pound 454g.

Fiero Italian; English Translation:
 = Proud

Haitian Creole; English Translation; 
= Excellent

(Swiss Water Process Decaf)
French; English Translation: = De-Caf

India AA Monsoon
​(Single Origin Offering)

These coffee beans are naturally dried under the Indian sun, and then exposed to the monsoon rains and wind. This unique process creates a full-bodied, mellow, sweet yet spicy cup. 
 Lasting Oak and Chocolate undertones. 

Offered @ $25.25 

  For A full Pound 454g.

Ethiopian Sidamo 
(fairtrade Organic)

This bean comes from a region in the southern highlands of Ethiopia. 
A refreshing, balanced cup with soft acidity, medium body and a fruity finish.
A linguring hint of lemon. 

     Offered @ 25.25 
For A Full Pound454g.